In Loving Memory

Am/Can/Jap/Int'l Ch.Golden Hylites

"The Phantom" Rom/Romc

April 20 1991 - 2006  

Even at this young age you knew he was special.

Who could know that this puppy in a basket would grow up to be a Legend!

At his very first show at 6 months won Winners Dog.

Although it was mentioned that he should be put in a pet home by a fellow breeder.

He won Best In Sweeps at his first American Show!

He had a Zest for Life that was contagious when you were around him.

It was rumored that when Terry Pavey was showing Phantom,

they could occasionally be seen at ring side sharing a ice cream cone together.

Then his first National, and my first time showing at a National, he won second in his class out of an entry of 50 Senior puppies.

This honor was given by Mrs. Dorothy K. Christiansen.

Imagine your first time showing at the Nationals and standing at ringside

just in case you had to go back in for Winners Dog!!

His first weekend out in the USA he came home with 13 points and 3 majors,

also winning a Specialty along the way. He was to go out one more time with Steve Barger

and he was finished his American Championship!

His first Best In Show was under Breeder/Judge Mr.L.B.Rogers,

owner handled all the way, what a thrill!!

His first National as a Special won an Award Of Merit, but Steve came out of the ring a little disappointed....

I didn't understand for quite a while why...until I found out how close it had actually come to him winning the Breed!!!

In Canada as a puppy winning an Award of Merit at the first Canadian Nationals under Jean Simmons

and the following CSSA Nationals winning Best Of Opposite!!

Special dogs come into our lives and it is so hard to hear that they have passed away. Nancy was kind enough to let me know first and I only now can type my feelings on the special boy I called `hansome'.

Phantom lived with us for just over 7 months and we had the most wonderful time with him. I picked him up at the airport on a Thursday, drove to the Merrit Dog Show on Friday, groomed him and off we went in the ring together for the first time.

I knew this dog was so `special' and when we was awarded BEST IN SHOW I could not get to the phone fast enough to tell Bill and Nancy. I was thrilled as I new Phantom and I were going to have the best of times together.

I always dreamed of being able to take a Sheltie to the Show of Shows and do well, we did, Phantom won the Herding Group and I was so excited, my friend Harold Butler was watching and I got my hug from him first before I went to pick up the trophies from the judges.

Phantom and I had a wonderful year with many BIS's and a BISS as well. Nancy will remember that I would not let her have the trophy, and to this day it has a very special place in our home as it is a constant reminder of the dog I loved with all my heart.

Phantom may now be gone but he will live in my heart forever......

Donna Roadhouse `Arpeggio Shelties'

While Phantom was out with Donna I missed him terribly. I did manage to jump on a plane and visit a couple of times.

Donna would package up his ribbons and mail them home every few months. My daughter decided to decorate my dinning room table with his ribbons.

Phantom was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside. He passed this on to his offspring and excelled as a sire, and as a Show Dog.

Very Rare as we know to get both in the same dog. He was the sire of Multi Best In Show Winners and Best In Specialty Winners!!

Our greatest compliment was always "He is more beautiful than his pictures!!!

It came time that Phantom and I had to part. Hardest decision I ever made. Was it the right one, yes, but it almost drove me out of Shelties.

Phantom went on to continue his amazing career in Japan

The Record Of A Legend

* Multiple Best In Show winner in Canada, Japan and Internationally.

*Multiple Best In Specialty Winner in Canada, USA and Japan

* Winner of the Supreme Dog Award and Number 1 in Japan 1998

* Top sheltie in Canada 1994

* Winner of Group 7 at the Prestigious Show of Shows. " 1994"

* A sire of record in the short 6 years he was here.

Japanese Record

All time No.1 Sheltie in Japan


'98 Pedigree Award Winner

'98 No.1 Sheltie '98 FCI Asia International G3

And the Highest Award ever given to a sheltie.....


In Loving Memory "The Phantom"

April 20, 1991-2006 ~

Gone but Never forgotten

Although we were miles apart our hearts were always together

Your Heart always belonged to me

What an honor to have known you and loved you

Sleep well my love, take care of "G"

Until we're all together again.

"The Legend"

The Phantom has gone, you knew he would,

He leaves behind winners as only he could.

In many pedigrees you'll see his name,

His children are beautiful and always the same.

He was a winner in many a show,

A handsome fellow you'd love to know.

Look to his kids to see his face,

Our love in memory, he's made a place.

Weep not for him cause he's gone away,

He went to the Bridge to run and play.

He won't be alone at Rainbow's end,

Cause G will be there to be his friend.

Father and son will reunite,

On Angel's wings they'll take to flight.

Phantom's name was full of mystery

To be remembered in Sheltie history!

......Paige Johnson

Bamjo Shelties

The Legend Continues . . .